One last fall toddler activity

Even though the snow has flown and we are launching into full Christmas mode here, I need to post one last fall activity that my toddler did last week–a cute fabric patch scarecrow.

We watched the Halloween Boo Fest with Curious George and the Legend of No Noggin about a scarecrow, so he was familiar with scarecrows. See the recommendations on the show here. And see the trailer here.

We picked up our scarecrow cutout and fabric patches at our local Early Childhood Family Education Halloween party this fall; the scarecrow is a tried-and-true activity, and we have done it every year since my older one was 18 months old. Who knows where the genius early childhood education teachers there got the template from. But there are other options. From Gramma Lowe’s Halloween Craft and Fun Page, you can print a cool looking scarecrow to glue together. I have linked the images below to the images on her site to print out.



Once you have your scarecrow, all you need are some fabric scraps, old shirts or pants and glue to make it more than just a coloring page. To make it spectacular (and on my list of things to do next year, is to attach the scarecrow’s limbs with brads to let them move, and glue straw on his hat and where stuffing comes out.


We first colored the scarecrow and glued it together. Then, I helped my 22-month old squeeze dots of glue where he wanted them on the paper. Then after I helped him place a fabric patch on the first glue for, he carefully placed on the rest of the patches himself.


We were able to hang it up immediately in a place where he could admire it.


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