My little monkey jumping on the bed

My little monkey is what I call our younger son, and usually he lives up to it–this day was no different.

After some Curious George while mommy was waking up, we played trains, and after I put together the hill 20 times when he knocked it down by accident, I asked him if he wanted to help me with the chores. He dragged around our children’s-sized broom, sticking it under the table just seconds after I did, and trying to sweep in exactly the same spot the same time as me, including the dirt pile. Having a toddler has forced me to become much, much, much more patient, opting for providing learning experiences rather than efficiency in anything.

Then, while I cleaned the catch-all spot in our bedroom, my toddler bounced, crawled, tunneled and played with the treasures I dug up on our bed. When I finished cleaning, I took a much needed cuddle break, which was the highlight of our day. We cuddled and played peek-a-boo under the blankets.


Since I have a busy, active little boy, he was back at it in no time. I also discovered that a bed obstacle course is great exercise for a rainy (or crazy cold) day.

I propped my body pillow up in an arch and he crawled through several times–or more accurately, several dozen times. I lay our pillows out in strips on the bed, forcing him do dive or climb over them. I stacked the pillows so he could dive over them, then just jump into them. He is learning to jump, so I broke our no-jumping-on-the-bed policy and let him jump up and land on his butt. And we did the ever popular Timber game that my older boy invented when he was three. I chop, chop, chop at their ankles, and they yell “Timber!” And fall flat on the bed without catching themselves with their hands. It’s quite the hit.


He was a very upset boy when we had to stop for lunch and nap. Good thing he had worked up and appetite and wanted food.

*Just a note about Timber. I am vigilant in making sure there is enough clearance before they fall each time. And only one can do it at a time.

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